A Review On Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide

Who doesn’t want a fit body? We crave for a body like those displayed on the magazines and media. But finally there is no way to have such glamorous body. Mirla Sabino was one among us who didn’t have a perfect bikini body but that is past now. She transformed herself completely and shared her before after pictures on the internet. She also shared the details of her journey from fat to fit. She not just became fit but got a body which gave her the confidence to wear a bikini and look perfect.

The start up

Since her childhood days she was one of those chubby kids whose cheeks are lovingly pulled. But that doesn’t stay pleasing when we grow up, right? She was like 40 pounds overweight when her sister welcomed her home with “you look like a whale” comment. That was her turning point. She was disheartened and sat back scrolling Instagram on her phone, locked in her room. There she found Kayla Itsines fitness routine pictures. She saw how healthy people transformed into fitter versions of themselves.

She decided on buying the downloadable guide getting an 80% discount on a link. It was supposed to be a twelve weeks plan but once she opened the document she saw there was some addition which made the routine a twenty four weeks guide.

The game changer

The guide helped her shed her extra kilos and toned her body. It is a diet and exercise routine. It best elaborates the right things to do. The key advantages of this plan are:

Firstly, there is no continuous boring high intensity workout. Each exercise is done for a few minutes before switching to another. This keeps it interesting.

Secondly, it starts the process slow as the trainer understands it will not be easy to start off with the advanced workout suddenly. The difficulty level gradually increases giving the body time to cope.

Thirdly, the diet is not about what to avoid eating but about how to it properly.

Finally, the calorie intake is calculated every day and also the loss of fat.

The end result of this is amazing. Bikini Guide By Mirla Sabino explains her true story. It also has her before after pictures to confirm the results. If you also want to get a better body, give it a try.