Top 4 Advantages Of a Crowdsourcing Platform For Employee Engagement

Experts who monitor the changing conditions in the employment market predict that in the next couple of years, people below the age of 30 years will account for 50% of total workforce in the world. These young individuals who prefer to call themselves ‘Generation Y’ want more from the occupations they choose to make their mark in unlike previous generations. Research in this field shows they want better working conditions, a platform where they can showcase their creativity talents and a share in the equity of the organizations they work for. In many cases, they consider these factors to be just as important as a lucrative paycheck and other attractive perquisites.

Crowdsourcing platform– Advantages of an effective crowdsourcing platform for employee engagement

These professionals go on to explain that business organizations of various sizes need to implementing innovative strategies to exploit the potential of this valuable human resource. They point out that making use of an effective crowdsourcing platform can enable them to accomplish the following 4 important objectives in this field:

  1. Invaluable feedback- The employees who work for your organization can offer you invaluable information about the environment where you carry out your business operations. You need to remember as an entrepreneur that the members of your workforce help to bridge the gap between you and your external stakeholders. These include your investors, customers, suppliers, the general public and the regulatory authorities. They are your most reliable representatives of your brand product in the marketplace.
  2. Digital experience- Your employees can help you make effective use of various digital platforms when it comes to launching innovative product campaigns to attract the attention of your target audience. You need realize that this generation consider the connectivity and transparency that the internet provides to be an integral part of their lives. They even take regard the various social media networking channels they subscribe to as a representation of their personalities. This is a factor you cannot afford to ignore.
  3. Idea generation- You need to realize that in the long-run, businesses which are unable to exploit the creative talents for their workforce for generating ideas will eventually lose out in the marketplace. This is the reason why many entrepreneurs are taking the initiative to form various multidisciplinary teams to find effective solutions to the problems their organizations face.
  4. Responsibility- The younger generation are not content with just having a job. They want to make a meaningful contribution to the efficiency and productivity organizations that employ them. They crave for a platform where they can freely share their creative ideas with their colleagues and top managerial personnel. They also want the recognition they deserve for their contribution.

Business organizations are beginning to realize that the members of their workforce are the most valuable resource they have at their disposal. The entrepreneurs managing these establishments need to make use of an effective crowdsourcing platform to exploit the creative talents of their employees. This is help them to come up with feasible business solutions to problems they face in the marketplace. It can also go a long way in helping them to gain the competitive edge in such an environment.