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Create Your Own Website Without Using Codes

Building a website is not an easy task. It requires knowledge about HTML, CSS, PHP, Applets and many others which can be complex and difficult to understand for people who are not familiar with them. There are many websites that provide that provide steps to create your own websites by providing html tutorials and others, but not everyone has the time and energy to invest in learning.

This is why most people, creating their own websites take the help of many online available website-builders which use customizable templates to create a website. These websites don’t require codes and just require you to have a basic idea of how you want your website to look like. They contain all the tools that you can use to create a new website.

If you’re looking for such a website which will help you create your own website without coding, here’s a list of website that could help you:


WordPress is a popular platform that people generally use to create their own websites. It’s relatively easy to use and if you’re familiar with web interfaces and plugins used in the websites then WordPress should be your platform to create a website. There are a few complexities when it comes to the setup and management of your website, that you can come across while using WordPress.

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People who are not tech savvy can experience difficulties while creating website in WordPress because it uses advanced tools and plugins that can only be understood when researched about. Regardless of the complexity WordPress is a great website-building tool.


This online tool is way simpler to use than WordPress and has set templates that you can use to create your online portfolio. The website-building tool completely focuses on visual presentation, and is a great option to choose if you want to create an art or photography website.


Slidengo has taken website-building to the next level altogether. The site has a beautiful interface and is very easy to use for beginners and even for people having no knowledge about how to make a website. Sidengo has many add-on options and extras that make it a great option to try for building your personal website.


ALLYOU provides you with several templates that you can choose to design your website. It provides drag and drop feature which you could use to create the website the way you want. The website-builder is great to create personal portfolios and takes no time in getting you online.

These are some online website-builders which you can use to create your website without codes. However, if you want to create the website using codes you can always look for html tutorials, PHP tutorials and others that could teach you website building using codes.

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