Crosswords Puzzles and crossword solvers

Crosswords and crossword solvers

Crosswords Solver is one of the many platforms available online in which we can search for the crossword puzzle answers for the quizzes that appear in the leading newspapers and journals on a day to day basis. The motto is to help millions of people around the world solve puzzles without any fuss at free of cost. You can find numerous crossword quiz answers made available in their database.

The database is essentially a space for storing all the answers to the puzzles. Each website has a huge chunk of their data encrypted and stored. When any user enters a hint or part of the clue in the search option available on the web portal, that serves as the keyword. The nearest matches are shortlisted from the data available in the database or data center. This is then displayed to the user, who can scroll through the content on display for him and select the best available answer which is 99% of the time exactly what is required. The 1% is computed not because the database returns erroneous data output, but because the servers may be faulty at the time and also accounts for human error that may creep up while inputting the search data.

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For a better turn-around time in the area of microseconds depending on the connection, the databases are normally segregated in an orderly manner. Answers are sorted in an alphabetical sequence. This may again help reduce time by not searching the whole database if the user is sure which alphabet the answer starts with.

The database works in a unique manner. Essentially, the web team maps each clue with the correct answer against its appropriate clue while cracking the puzzle at their end and upload the answers accordingly. Something that is normally come across is the case of synonyms. What will happen when a single clue leads to multiple answers with the same word meaning? When the user searches, the result will throw up all the possible answers the particular clue could point at. The user can then cross check with the puzzle being solved, count the number of characters the answer he is searching for has and accordingly come to a conclusion for what the right answer to that particular clue is. This again shows how effectively the database engine works all within the blink of an eye!

An open forum is also incorporated normally to act as a stage for open communication between multiple users who may have various concerns or might not be able to search effectively to figure out what they crossword puzzle answers they exactly require. The forum acts as a medium for them to raise their concerns and fellow users may help them out with it. Also, the team responds to any attention that is being sought.