Harley SwiftDeer Reagan- An Inspirational Figure in The Lives of Millions!

Very few people on this planet are aware that they can incorporate spirituality in their lives in a variety of ways without having to practice a particular religious faith. Taking such steps goes a long way in helping them to attain the peace of mind and tranquility they crave for in their modern daily lives. For many of these individuals it could mean taking part in traditional rituals. However, for some it could simply mean being aware of the present moment and utilizing it to their advantage. Again, others may consider preaching and practicing compassion to be spiritual practice.

Harley SwiftDeer Reagan – Two practical ways human beings can embrace spirituality in their lives

The Deer Tribe Metis Medicine Society is a spiritual group in America whose members go out of their way to reintroduce the teachings of the Sweet Medicine SunDance (SMSD) Path of Turtle Island. From the time its establishment in 1986 by its founder, Harley “SwiftDeer” Reagan, they help people from different walks of life understand this ancient Shamanic spiritual practice. The followers of SwiftDeer conducts various workshops, conventions, classes and seminars of such individuals which they refer to as ‘the gateway process’ for their spiritual awakening. They carry out such ceremonies according to the rules the Elders of Twisted Hairs Metis Medicine Society Council and their founder lay down for the purpose.

Importance of nature in spirituality

The followers of Harley “SwiftDeer” Reagan post on their website that it is possible for people from diverse backgrounds to rediscover their spiritual side by being in close to nature. They say it is a convenient say for them to get away from the distraction of modern-day living. They further claim that even their founder, who was a spiritual healer, an international renowned martial artist and decorated war veteran spend most of his time teaching his students the ways of Grandmother Earth. The knowledge he would go out of his way to impart to them would make a positive difference in their lives in the long run. He was responsible for encouraging them to value their freedom, respect other people, cherish their individual freedom and protect themselves from bodily harm.

Connecting with fellow human beings

These ardent followers go on to quote on their website that Harley “SwiftDeer” Reagan would regard spirituality to be way for people to connect with their fellow human beings and share views. They say it possible for individuals who want to embrace spirituality in the lives to do so by participating in meditation groups or ceremonial rituals. Even the act of taking time out of their daily life to carry out charitable work can achieve the same objective. This goes a long way in activating the core human values of love, compassion, generosity and understanding. It also helps to promote peace and harmony in the world.

The followers of SwiftDeer state that by being in close proximity to nature and going out of their way to help their fellow human beings, people can attain spirituality in their lives. This can go a long way in making them better individuals as they are in a better possible to cope with the pressures of modern day living. It also helps them to attain happiness and the inner peace they crave for in their lives.