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League is a lot of fun if you’re playing with people you know. But, not all the LOL friends are the same. Suppose, you are the beginner, then joining those friends that are binging on League of Legend since the beta will land you in the match with people who are highly experienced than you.

It isn’t fun and will end up in annoying members in your team in case you keep dying. Thus, if you start talking to the fellow gamers about jumping to any League, make sure you find individuals who are very patient and keen to play at the basic level than they are used to playing. There some people who will create the Smurf account for the particular purpose. Some other ways to have the fun gaming experience:

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Ensure You Stay on the Desk

Most of the games played in Rift run between 30 to 45 min and will go an hour or more. There is no pause button, when the game begins, you have to get prepared and commit yourself in your tasks at hand as long as it takes. Not paying attention & looking away from your screen for some seconds will result in many critical mistakes you can click here for info.

You can save yourself from the possible distractions that will make you leave your desk and leave your desktop before getting to the Summoner’s Rift. Keep your phone in silent; ensure your pets are not around your computer. Never start the game when you know you need to leave for your school or work in some hours.

Try To Be Alive For As Long As Possible

Death comes in the cruel ways in League of Legends you can click here for more info. Whenever you die and opponents who won over you plenty of gold and get experience. And these are assets that make them more powerful.