What is the purpose of a bank reconciliation statement?

Bank reconciliation statements reconcile bank records with your company’s accounting. This reconciliation should be completed monthly to check for unauthorized errors or withdrawals. Bank reconciliation states are an important part of the financial audit procedure that each company has to do.

Bank reconciliation

To balance a bank reconciliation statement, take the balance on the bank statement and subtract any exceptional checks that were written but did not offset the bank. This should match the balance in your bookkeeping, once the bank charges have been seized.

Secure Money

Brakes and counterweights

Reconciliation statement by a bank provides balances and controls for your Bank’s accounting and accounting. If an individual has been creating checks or pilfering money or any valuable things from an account, thus the bank reconciliation statements will catch it. This is the reason a valuable accounting regulation is an individual who handles accounts payable and writes checks never puts to rights the account. Bank reconciliation states should always be reconciled by another person to have a separation of duties from the position.

Outstanding issues

Bank reconciliation states will indicate in case there are wires which are not erased the bank or deposits that are not registered or checks in circulation. f an item is outstanding for more than one month, you should contact the recipient to verify the bank account or mailing address. You may need to cancel and reissue a check or, if not received after passing of many months. Lack of deposits require a receipt if there is a bank error or a check if there is an error from the employee.

Bank Errors

Sometimes the bank will make mistakes. Son could be duplicated or someone else’s account checks could be knocking on your account. Bank Reconciliation statements provide detailed transaction history to help you find the correct bank errors.

Bank charges

Bank reconciliation statements will list all bank charges that have been charged to your account. You will have to enter these bank charges into your ledger to reconcile the instruction. It is always a good idea to check the taxes to make sure your bank account is not an overcharge in error.

To find out – how much money is in your current account, a reconciliation of accounts is in order. It is best to reconcile them to current accounts on a monthly basis and is the best time to do so as soon as you receive your bank statement. If you get a paper bank statement or a paperless one online, the account reconciliation process is the same.

Bring History To The Class

In the past religious studies was totally different. A mandatory and central subject, it was the backbone of numerous curricula.  Nowadays it is diverse and can cater to different religions and is more than an optional subject. These days there are school visits with the assistance of which students can learn and know huge about the ancient people, history, and cultures.  There is school history visit organized and they can also bring the workshops to the school. This is the most entertaining part of the history visits.

What they offer?

To give a precise idea to the students they inform students along with costumes, culture, and artifacts. This way students gain huge interest and like to get completely indulge in the workshops.  For youngsters, it is extremely important to know about the ancient cultures, people and other things to keep the history live. To make the workshops more interesting they arrive with the costumes and different resources such as weapons, swords, armors and everyday items of that period.

They make students learn how to handle the objects of that period. There are several other activities held in the workshops which make them more interesting and indulging such as

  • Coin making
  • Wool spinning
  • Writing on scribe and wax tablet and much more

There are so many things to learn about the Romans and it is also one of the most interesting cultures in the history. So many wars held, there are Celtic tribes, roman soldiers, kings, roman food, slaves and much more.

Plan a school history day

Planning a history day should be must because students can not only learn about the history and cultures, but can also have entertaining sessions with real resources.  History is difficult to understand, but not with the school history visit because they bring along lots of resources and talk about the people from medieval days.  Students can dress up in the ancient helmets and armors. They can hold swords in the hands and fight like Vikings, which they really enjoy a lot.  Students can learn about the everyday life of the Romans, slaves, kings, soldiers and can also feel like being one of them in the armor and stories they hear in the workshop.

Every school must connect with the organizers because they come to you and you do not have to go to them. They come along with resources to bring history along.

Cut your costs with these machines and improve your fitness

Are you a fitness quotient? Do you go to the gym daily and regularly? Having other takes to be completed on your usual gym time? Well, we have got solution for your daily needs. Get you gym equipments at your home directly with out any trouble. Here is the key access, where you can buy used gym equipment.

A solution to problem is made easy with the availability of the various options that are present in the market. Let say for example the fitness problem. Being fit is one of the needs of a gym enthusiast, they want them self to be fit and free from all the diseases and try to be one of the strong in the up coming lives. In order to do this, people usually buy used gym equipment for home and start their gym activities at home with out any trouble. It makes a small hole in your wallet. But, it is worthy the time. You can save you time and probably do the regular exercise on your terms and time factors.

Probably many people avoid going to gym, in order to perform the regular task and extra work that is being getting pending at home. To over come these types of problem, they get the equipments delivered at their home and start the gym activities. They perform the regular exercise on the time and nature of works. They are very advantageous as they pertain to give us the following benefits.

  1. Lower cost than the unusual high cost machines and equipments, since they are second handed which are already used ones.
  2. Save our Gym time.
  3. Can perform the task and regular flow of exercise any time in a day.
  4. No time compaction, you can work longer with many breaks
  5. no extra added fees
  6. No maintenance fees as they come with the support of additional 1 year validity.
  7. Consume lesser size than the others.
  8. Can be kept in when not required, during the vacation or holidays.

Apart from the above set of advantages there are few more which will help us to come up with the regular habits. We can develop a healthy muscle with these equipments. We can get these machines at the half the price as they are offered at 50 % leaser than the actual cost of the original and new machine which is available in the showroom today. No matters, since the cost is less and can be a manageable one with the compact size, these machines are recommended for a daily gym people and to improve the fitness and other exercise habits.

Best and cheapest holiday destination in Australia

Australia is one of the most beautiful places where you can visit with your family. There are a lot of places where you can easily visit and enjoy the beauty of nature in Australia. Whether you are a traveller or you want to spend your holidays with your family, Australia will be on your list without any doubt. It is better to know the place where you are going to visit. Although, you will not find the negativities of the tourist places in any of the websites, which makes it difficult to choose. The best way to choose a holiday destination is by checking the locality of the places you want to visit.

Australia’s best holiday destination

There are a lot of places in Australia and you cannot visit all the places at once as you have to think of your budget too. Temora NSW is one of the most beautiful and cheap places where you can visit with your family. Temora is located near the capital of New South Wales and it is also considered as one of the friendliest places in Australia. We all know that being friendly can make your life easy and hassle-free. It is same with the vacation you are about to spend. If the people around you are friendly, it will surely make your holidays more enjoyable.

Temora NSW

Things and places Temora can offer you while your stay

Most important thing about the holidays is that you are spending with your kids and wife or just with your wife. We all know that kids are very demanding and they won’t enjoy the holidays if they don’t get to see something interesting. One of the best things Temora NSW has to offer is the aviation museum. The aviation museum in Temora has two spitfire single seat fighter aircraft which were used in World War 2. Most importantly, the museum also holds an air show of these aircraft each year and you must not miss that chance.

Temora golden gift festival which is held in February is also one of the things which you shouldn’t miss. Over 200 athletes participate in a foot race which is very exciting and entertaining things to see.

You can also enjoy a musical show, which highlights local music at sound shell stage. Musicals can be very romantic if you are enjoying it with your wife or girlfriend. And if you are a fan of musical, nothing is better if you can enjoy a musical at the end of your trip.

5×5 Workout in a Nutshell

With the new wave of fitness that has swept the entire world, workout routines and gyms are getting more and more popular among the people. So much so, that every other day a new workout procedure comes into the limelight, leaving people baffled as to what are the pros and cons of these new procedures and how they should adapt these routines in their daily life.

Something similar along this chain of thought is the 5×5 workout. Here, you can read about the entire workout, presented to you in a short and simple manner.

5x5 workout

What is a 5×5 workout?

The 5×5 training system was devised in the 1970s, but has made a comeback in the recent times because of its sudden surge in popularity. This particular workout regime is built around a number of compound exercises, to be performed three times a week for maximum efficiency.

The technique gained massive popularity for the sole reason that it’s simplistic and way more effective than other workouts of the same caliber. The name “5×5” is nothing but a way of denoting the methodology of this exercise, i.e. five sets of five repetitions.

How does one go about it?

The original 5×5 workout program was designed for the sole purpose of bulking up football players. The whole workout plan is divided into three primary exercises: bench presses, squats, and power cleans. These exercises were particularly chosen because when combined, these exercises ensure that every muscle in the body feels challenged.

While carrying out the 5×5 workout, attempting additional exercises is not always a necessity; although there are times when users add more exercises to the program for their personal benefit, like core work or bicep curls.

In a 5×5 workout plan, each exercise is made to rotate, in order to ensure that each exercise is performed at least once a week with maximum loads, whereas the others are carried out with sub-maximal intensity. This essentially means that there is a heavy, medium and light day for each exercise at least once a week during training.

The 5×5 workout program is usually followed for a period of six weeks, before taking a break and starting again (from the beginning)with heavier weights.

5x5 workout

Workout Progression

The 5×5 workout is extremely progressive in nature. Even the weights that you are going to be lifting in the duration of the program are well decided in advance, based on your one repetition maximum per exercise. Once that is known, you only need to follow the percentages for each exercise on the 5×5 workout accordingly. Every week the loads are slightly increased to make sure there is a linear progression when it comes to both, i.e. the strength gained and weight lifted.

This means that this particular program can be made to suit your individual requirements, regardless of your current strength level.

Now that you know how a 5×5 workout functions, shouldn’t you be hitting the gym? Happy workout!

Oils to Use for Your Next Hot Oil Treatment

Hot oil treatments have some special quality in them that makes them instantly soothing. Hot oil treatments usually do wonders for your hair, making them glow with full luster and keeping them from becoming tangled and unmanageable. They are considered to be vital for hair strength and length retention.

Here is a list of oils, along with their benefits that you can use for your next hot oil treatment. You might see that some treatments work better with a mix of oils, rather than just one oil throughout. You can mix these oils according to your requirements to make the perfect blend to suit your hair.

Coconut oil

The most commonly used oil for hair treatments has to be coconut oil. Found in almost every other household, it promotes healthy growth in hair, apart from softening and conditioning them. Coconut oil is extremely effective for those who suffer from hair problems like dandruff, and hot oil treatment with coconut oil helps add moisture to the hair (removing dandruff in the process). It is very easy to find and it very readily available everywhere.

Olive oil

Another common, household name, olive oil is the next best thing to use for hot oil treatments. Although it might be a bit on the heavier side, olive oil is enriched with vitamin A, vitamin E, etc. and also helps the hair retain moisture. Another specialty of olive oil is that it helps to repair hair by preventing split ends from actually splitting.

Jojoba oil

Jojoba oil is a close substitute for coconut oil; if that’s the kind you’re looking for. It has an amazing way of not weighing down the hair too much (because of the oil factor), but also leaving the hair soft and manageable throughout. It is especially good for people with oily hair who want to dry out the excess oil from their scalp.

Avocado oil

Avocado oil may not be so readily available, but its lack of fast availability does not outshine its usefulness when it comes to hot oil treatments. This particular type of oil has the knack for providing fool-proof remedy for frizzy, dry hair, all because of its soothing and demulcent qualities. Also, since it is majorly lubricating in nature, it helps retain moisture in the hair as well.

Almond oil

Almond oil is another essential oil when it comes to hair treatments and hot oil treatments. However, instead of going for any almond oil, it is imperative that you go only for sweet almond oil. This oil is enriched in Vitamin E, which helps to promote hair growth and gives way to hair nourishment. It also helps to stimulate the hair follicles, leading to better hair conditioning.

So go fill your shopping cart with your choice of oil for your very own hot oil treatment, and let that hair keep its shine and glow!

Pump It Up a Notch With “Castle Clash”

Heads over heels addicted to Castle Clash, aren’t you? Now, why doesn’t that come as a surprise! Of course, just about anyone with a mobile device is hooked to this spectacular mix of strategy-meets-combat game.Once you’re all set and in position there’s no stopping; it’s a rollercoaster ride from the moment you hit the “Start” mode.

Hard core fans of this game will tell you that the best features of this gaming wonder are the gameplay and graphics. You need to make your base robust and impenetrable,and that calls for access to gaming features – like buildings, units, upgrades, and much more.

Castle Clash Hack

Once you’ve hoarded these, you’re on the way to becoming the most sought-after gamer with a failsafe, unyielding base. However, it would be way cooler when you have acast iron Castle Clash Hack underway, to make things a little more interesting. Hang on; we’ll cover that aspect as well so you can approach the game with renewed energy.

Getting Geared Up

You can roar away at Castle Clash from your Android and iOS devices and feel yourself transported into fantasy land without a minute to loose! Pretty, amazing, right? Delve right inonce you’ve downloaded it to your device and feel the thrill take over you.

You must know that the road to redemption is laced with its ups and downs. You definitely want to bring in your A-game to the table if you hope to kick it out of the park. The player who’s ready to spend the maximum usually ends up being the winner. How, you ask? Pretty obvious that you need to buy the gems, and that’s a far cry unless you’re ready to spend some real money for premium currency.

Acing It With Credible Tools

Every problem comes with a smart solution provided you have the smartest and most inquisitive minds working on it. There’s a Castle Clash Hack toolafter all, and we owe that to the masterminds who worked to their wit’s end to make it happen. Stashing up on gems, gold, or mana – whatever you choose to call them – is just an app away.

Castle Clash

You can count on this tool to build your base without making a hole in your wallet, or wasting time and effort on hoarding virtual money. Why get wasted when you can use a simple-to-use tool to ease your nerves, eh?

Acing the game and giving your competitor a run for their money comes easy-breezy with the ideal hack tool designed to deliver results. Get it now, and shine at your next attempt at the Castle Clash gaming adventure, already!

Harley SwiftDeer Reagan- An Inspirational Figure in The Lives of Millions!

Very few people on this planet are aware that they can incorporate spirituality in their lives in a variety of ways without having to practice a particular religious faith. Taking such steps goes a long way in helping them to attain the peace of mind and tranquility they crave for in their modern daily lives. For many of these individuals it could mean taking part in traditional rituals. However, for some it could simply mean being aware of the present moment and utilizing it to their advantage. Again, others may consider preaching and practicing compassion to be spiritual practice.

Harley SwiftDeer Reagan – Two practical ways human beings can embrace spirituality in their lives

The Deer Tribe Metis Medicine Society is a spiritual group in America whose members go out of their way to reintroduce the teachings of the Sweet Medicine SunDance (SMSD) Path of Turtle Island. From the time its establishment in 1986 by its founder, Harley “SwiftDeer” Reagan, they help people from different walks of life understand this ancient Shamanic spiritual practice. The followers of SwiftDeer conducts various workshops, conventions, classes and seminars of such individuals which they refer to as ‘the gateway process’ for their spiritual awakening. They carry out such ceremonies according to the rules the Elders of Twisted Hairs Metis Medicine Society Council and their founder lay down for the purpose.

Importance of nature in spirituality

The followers of Harley “SwiftDeer” Reagan post on their website that it is possible for people from diverse backgrounds to rediscover their spiritual side by being in close to nature. They say it is a convenient say for them to get away from the distraction of modern-day living. They further claim that even their founder, who was a spiritual healer, an international renowned martial artist and decorated war veteran spend most of his time teaching his students the ways of Grandmother Earth. The knowledge he would go out of his way to impart to them would make a positive difference in their lives in the long run. He was responsible for encouraging them to value their freedom, respect other people, cherish their individual freedom and protect themselves from bodily harm.

Connecting with fellow human beings

These ardent followers go on to quote on their website that Harley “SwiftDeer” Reagan would regard spirituality to be way for people to connect with their fellow human beings and share views. They say it possible for individuals who want to embrace spirituality in the lives to do so by participating in meditation groups or ceremonial rituals. Even the act of taking time out of their daily life to carry out charitable work can achieve the same objective. This goes a long way in activating the core human values of love, compassion, generosity and understanding. It also helps to promote peace and harmony in the world.

The followers of SwiftDeer state that by being in close proximity to nature and going out of their way to help their fellow human beings, people can attain spirituality in their lives. This can go a long way in making them better individuals as they are in a better possible to cope with the pressures of modern day living. It also helps them to attain happiness and the inner peace they crave for in their lives.

Play the poker online games now

Now every player has the opportunity to play and enjoy the best of poker games online. You can choose the most trusted and reliable poker online site, which can proffer you the free accessibility of all your favorite poker game play and lot more. You can enjoy them largely and can be the ultimate player of poker online for some exciting experience. You can play them easily on different range of the platforms and can experience them on the Tablets, smart phone devices, mobiles, MAC, PC or others which can be used for free. The poker games start every second and you can play the ring games and the new tournaments right now.

Some of the sites for qq poker online games are available for free on some mobile application as well. You can poker anywhere and anytime directly from your smart device. Watch out the smart TV shows based on Poker also for free. Within no less time, after playing some of the great games online you will find yourself as the Champion of poker and can also get some of the strategies and tips from eminent players as well. Thousands of tournaments and games held daily, you can play these games in different formats for honing your skills.

Play the poker online games now

Try your luck on poker online

There are several websites around the world, which proffers every gambler an opportunity to play the exciting games of poker online. Similarly, the site of poker online is a one stop solution for all your needs of online gambling, the capsa stacking online, playing of different games as domino qiu qiu and more. It is the safest place to play all your favorite games, allows all for the bonus jackpots, facility of bank deposits and withdrawals are also available and lot more. You can play together with all your friends online and even with other competitors as well.

All you need to do is, directly login for the poker online and you can start playing without making any download even. This site is stupendous which makes use of the system of high server encryption that assures all for the data security and also for all its members. You can easily play all your favorite games online without any hassle round the clock.  Some of the best games which you can enjoy with your friends and with your rivals online include the following

  • QQ domino: It is the most common game which is played by all qq poker lovers. It is also known with the name as ADUQQ which holds around 28 pieces of different cards consisting the dots and different numbers on every card.
  • CAPSA Flat and CEME game : This game is in working since long time and is known also as 13 Card which is easier for all for playing with different strategy and accuracy

Tom Colton – As An Analyst At Liolios

Liolios is a company providing assistance to all the capital markets. The company understands in depth about its client’s business, industry and capital market goals. The entire process includes research, consistency, and accountability through quarterly reporting. Once the process is completed, strategies are prepared for clients to provide them a clear path of success.

Tom Colton serves Liolios as an analyst. According to him, entrepreneurship is a great way to develop a nation and make it successful. In early 2017, he joined Liolios with a designation of Analyst, and started handling the tasks related to media, technology, and telecom.

He manages all aspects of IR consulting process such as messaging, analysis, research, and investor’s outreach. Before Liolios, Tom used to work as an agent trainee. Later than, he started managing properties in Commercial Real Estate in 400,000 square feet office situated at different locations in the Orange country. Be it the clients of Northern Ireland, London or any other country, Liolios serves them all with unique capital market guidance.

Liolios Analyst – Tom Colton

With the embracive platform, client’s capital market objectives are addressed in an appropriate manner so as to save the company from any unnecessary court cases. He also developed required solutions to the issues faced by the company.

Apart from that, he also conducts trainings related to requirements managements. All the business deals are analyzed before providing the service. Business Analysts usually develop technical solutions to all the business problems to boost the sales of the company.

This includes identifying, defining, analyzing the requirements. Proper document is prepared stating the requirements and then these are managed properly to fulfill all the business needs. Whether it is a business case or planning and monitoring, a business analyst has to take lead in these matters.

Based on requirements of Liolios, analysts review the details including process change requests and then manage the entire project scope along with acceptance, installation and deployment. Business analysts deliver as per the need of the employer.

This includes the use of highly developed methods, tools and metrics to make most use of the business benefits in the areas like billing, production, workflow, managing customer relationships as well as manufacturing products.

Tom has all the qualities of a successful Business Analyst such as technical writing skills, verbal and written communication skills, understanding the engineering concepts, able to analyze the cost and benefits , developing business cases, creating methods and modeling techniques and last but not the least yet important one : Leadership.

A great leader always knows how to manage multiple things smartly and this is what Tom Colton was good at. Apart from being an Analyst at Liolios, he also managed Colton Company as a Property manager dealing with cost estimations and engineering processes. The job role of a business analyst is to provide appropriate solutions after analyzing both good and bad sides of the company. His advice would definitely assist the company to reach the next level.

Final Notes

An Irish business analyst, Tom Colton renders appropriate solutions to Liolios that saves the company from being considered as a fraud. He is an appropriate medium between the company and its clients. His ability to perform several tasks at a time makes him a successful analyst. He is an asset to the company and because of his power to lead the company towards the path of progress, Liolios is also seen in the news as one of the well-known organizations offering capital market guides.