Key things to remember when betting on horse racing

You can make enormous profits and losses in horse betting, but that depends on how you use the horse racing system. There are some key points you must always bear at the back of your mind when using the racing system. Here are some of the key things you must always remember when you bet on horseracing.

In horse betting, it is advisable to start with low stakes. The major reason many people are robbed off is that they are greedy. This is why it is recommended that you should start it low stakes. You should avoid being deceived by your personal fancies, jockeys, tipsters, horses, trainers and racetracks. Do not pay slightest attention to any of these.
Secondly, it is advisable to remain in the race until you record a win. If you make a win for the day, do not engage in further racing for the day. If you fail to record a win for the day, you are free to carry the race forward to the next day, when you do this, a winner must appear quicker.

In racing, do not forget to bet only on your favorites to win. There are at least two types of favorites in the racing, which includes the favorite and the joint favorite. Sometimes, bettors called the joint favorite co-favorite. In horse racing, the favorites will always win the race; they may not win all the races. If your bet is to win and you effectively cover your stake in the race, it could be difficult for you to lose.

Another thing you should always bear in your mind while gambling is that the past record is very important. You should always refer to the past record if you want to make profit from the gambling, this is because, and future records would likely resemble the last record. Remembering the record before you gamble will help you profit from the system.
In the racing system, do not rush to adjust your stake to cover possible losses, delay it until the last moment; this is because there is always the tendency for outsiders price to drift before the race is off. These are the most important things you must always remember when betting on horse racing.

A guide to a day out at Chester races

For a thrilling day out with the chance to win a bob or two, few experiences compare to a day at the races. The thunder of hooves as the magnificent creatures storm past down the home straight, the crowd cheering on their chosen horses, the excitement is something else.

ss-120505-hats-20Horse races take place daily around the U.K. with many courses offering party deals for stags and hens, works nights etc. One of the best days out is at Chester races, where you can enjoy the ‘Cheshire Set’ activities in the day followed by fantastic nightlife that Chester has to offer. Why not treat yourself to your very own group of Chester escorts from one of the exclusive and local escort agencies. That way, even if you have had a ‘bad day at the races’, you’ll still be able to unwind with the companionship of a stunning girl.

Upon arriving your first task should be to have a quick look at the race programme. This handy book often gives you the bookie’s favourites and lists the horses that are running on the day.

Everyone has their own approach to backing a horse. Some pick the favourite. Some pick the long shot. Some pick the horse with the most amusing name. However you decide on which runner to back, once you have chosen your horse, you need to go to the tote and place a bet.

Bets, like horses, come in different types. You can bet on a horse to win, place (The chosen horse will come in a defined ranking of horses dependant on the number of horses running) or make an each way bet (The chosen horse will either win or place).
Once you have placed your bet on the horse races that you wish to gamble on, the next step is to obtain your choice of refreshing beverage and retire to the trackside to cheer on your horse.

The best part of a day out at the races is shouting for your horse to win, watching it either claw its way through the pack and break away or burst ahead only to tire, or start off slowly and then fall even further behind. (Of course you would want to avoid the last occurrence where possible.)

Once your race has finished, if your horse was a winner, return to the tote to collect your winnings. Try to resist the urge to do a little dance as you collect your money as this can irritate other, less fortunate, patrons.

If you didn’t win, there’s always the next race.

How To Invest In Horse Racing

investing_horse_racingInvesting in horse racing is one of those things that seem too glamorous to be affordable, but it can give you a good time for your money. The risks are the same as with any investment, with this added attraction- no one ever wanted to go and watch a screen showing the price of stocks and shares going up and down. Horse racing is different. The excitement of race day is doubled by having your own horse in the race.

You have to obey the usual rules of investing though- never spend more than you can afford to lose. If your horse wins, its price rockets, but if it loses, all your money can disappear as quickly as you spent it. Mike Tindall, the England rugby player, saw his initial investment of £12,000 increase in value to £200,000 when his horse won, and there are plenty of similar stories, but the Racehorse Association is clear in its advice:  only expect £21 return for every £100 you spend. It’s very unlikely that most people involved will make a fortune. If you look at it as a chance to have a new hobby, and exciting days out, with a tiny chance of winning a lot of money, then perhaps investing in a race horse is for you.

If you aren’t put off, and still want to go to the races with a girl on your arm, and the potential of putting a big win in your wallet from your own horse, then look into syndicates. This is basically a partnership between several people which gives you the fun of attending the races as an owner, but a small proportion of the costs, (and, of course, an equally small proportion of the winnings.) But it gives you a taste of the real thing- which with stabling and other costs is all most of us can hope for. As one race syndicate member says, you don’t join a golf club to win the Open- and you don’t own a race horse to make money. You do it for the fun.